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General Procurement Services globally handles high-performance raw materials, processed goods, new materials, and machinery and equipment that are put to use in myriad industrial applications and in a diverse range of industries ultimately enhancing the lives of those who experience the final goods. In response to the current dynamic environment and changing values, as well as increased ecological awareness, our activities are now guided by concern for environmental preservation as well as product safety, and we are constantly pursuing flexible approaches to the development of new materials, and their applications, on a global level. Import/Export is a major activity in the Gambian economy and General Procurement Services is a key player in this vital sector.
Over the years, we have imported goods into the country ranging from luxury cars, Industrial Generators, Swedish matches, Communal water tanks and fitted Kitchens to name a few. We export commodities such as wood and cashew nuts to Asian and European markets. We are a major participant in the timber trade to china.